Edinburgh and Surrounding Towns Heat Energy Action through Thermal-Storage

Previously titled - Reducing Fuel Poverty: Heat Storage Innovation

Project lead: Sunamp Ltd

Project partners: Castle Rock Edinvar Housing Association, East Lothian Housing Association

Area: Lothian and Falkirk

Main technology: Heat batteries plus micro-renewables

Grant awarded: £3,189,887

Project summary:

The objective of this project is to develop and implement local solutions to addressing fuel poverty designed around the use of innovative heat batteries.  This technology will enable more efficient utilisation of different renewable technologies, making a bigger impact for tenants as they seek to reduce energy costs.

The project will work across a range of different property types, from sheltered housing for older people to individual households for social rent.  In each property type a heat battery will be installed and paired with other local renewable energy production. 

The use of the heat battery will enable us to create a direct link between local energy demand and local renewable energy production.  The project will demonstrate the benefit of local heat storage and the value of integrated renewable energy solutions.

The beneficiaries of this project will be tenants, through access to lower cost heating and hot water.  This will make a significant difference to their cost of living, particularly for those tenants on housing benefit.