Innovation grant

The Scottish Government's CARES innovation grant provides funding of up to £150,000 and has been designed to:

  1. improve the viability of larger CARES capital projects by grant funding elements of the renewable/local energy system project, or
  2. fund local energy system innovation activity

 The CARES innovation grant seeks to support organisations taking forward innovative local energy projects aligned with CARES objectives, and wherever possible for this innovation to lead to significant benefits through learning outcomes.  It is a grant scheme specifically to support projects or pilots of new approaches & actions, demonstrator projects and those that innovate to overcome common challenges where local ownership, community involvement and/or community benefits are at the heart of the projects developed. The overall aim of this fund is to stimulate innovative approaches to unlock potential for local energy projects with a strong focus on community scale solutions.

 Once you have reviewed the general guidance on applying to CARES and want to proceed with an innovative project you should read the Innovation grant guidance

Applicants should discuss any potential project proposals with the local CARES Development Officer and ensure interest is registered as early as possible. The innovations application form is available here