Large Air Source Heat Pump

Project lead: Glasgow Housing Association

Project partners: 

Area: Glasgow

Main technology: Creation of a new fuel source

Grant awarded: £2,500,000

Project summary:

Designed in conjunction with Glasgow Housing Association (GHA), WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff and Scottish Gas, the industrial scale 700kW low carbon district heating solution is 8 metres long and hits temperatures over 60°C. This is a new development for air source heat pumps, and explores a new opportunity for district heating schemes. 

The project is focused on Hillfoot Drive, social housing in the centre of Glasgow. Strong community engagement will be a focus as Glasgow Housing Association work closely with residents to explore the impact of the scheme.

What makes this project innovative?

To date, air source heat pumps have generally been around 60kW - this project is innovative in its sheer scale. Delivering district heating in social housing is not a new concept, but this technology provides an opportunity to reduce costs and carbon emissions. The project will be aiming to provide low cost heat for residents, aiming to demonstrate the viability of such a scheme in urban environments across Scotland.