Tower Power

Project lead: Community Energy Scotland, Tower Power

Project partners: Comas

Area: Edinburgh (with additional test site in Glasgow)

Main technology: Aggregation of electricity

Grant awarded: £865,361

Project summary:

This project is driven by reducing fuel costs in high-rise blocks in Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh. By aggregating electricity use from a  whole tower block, the community will be able to purchase their energy as an industrial load, therefore securing cheaper rates and passing on savings to residents.

A community company is being set up to run the project, in the interests of local people. This will give full control to the people of Dumbiedykes, and offer a replicable model for other urban communities across Scotland.

The project is also exploring installation of PV on the tower blocks, to produce green energy to further reduce costs.

What makes this project innovative?

Most community energy schemes are in rural or semi-urban areas. Tower Power explores the potential of an extremely urban community to take control of their energy and reduce costs for residents. If able to demonstrate a replicable model including PV generation, this is a truly exciting project for urban communities to reduce residents' carbon and costs.