Ensuring Future Energy Security for Knoydart

Project lead: Power Migration Partners Ltd

Award Amount: £24,750

Area: Highland

Read the final project report here


The aim of this project is to enable the local community living in Knoydart to achieve 100% utilisation of the renewable energy generated by their on-site hydro-electric generation scheme with the power distributed using a reliable local microgrid.


The community of Knoydart currently experience black outs when demand exceeds grid supply and at times of peak demand they must divide their supply in half, receiving 50% power from the hydo scheme and 50% from the diesel generator. In year 2014 the community has had 750 hours of blackouts due to various reasons. The project will design and install a novel energy storage system called a Single Liquid Flow Battery (Flow Battery). The storage capacity can be expanded by increasing the amount of stored liquid using larger tanks.

An intelligent controller will manage the storage system while coordinating with the micro grid control system to stabilise the grid. Since the system uses an energy dense single liquid based on Lithium and sulphur it is intended the charged liquid will be able to be pumped into ferries or land vehicles to power them in the future.

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