Fintry Development Trust Smart Meter Commercialisation

Project lead: Fintry Development Trust

Award Amount: £25,000

Area: Stirling

Read the final project report here


This project aims to deliver a low-cost, local renewable energy tariff to alleviate fuel poverty among residents of Fintry in Stirlingshire through the ‘virtual’ linkage of their electricity consumption with supply from a nearby Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant.



The project will install electric heating or heat pumps in around 144 oil and liquefied petroleum gas burning properties in Fintry to increase the use of the AD generated electricity and will match local supply and demand through smart metering and settlement systems to demonstrate that power from the AD plant was used concurrently.

The smart meters facilitate the coordination with the District Network Operator to avoid network upgrade costs, producing shared financial benefits to help significantly mitigate fuel poverty within the local community of Fintry and help serve as an exemplar to other communities across Scotland.