Large Scale ASHP District Heating Exemplar

Project lead: Glasgow Housing Association (GHA)

Award Amount: £15,000

Area: Glasgow City


The primary purpose of this project will be to provide a technological exemplar of off-grid district heating to dwellings in Hillpark Drive and Pentland Road multi-storey blocks, comprising 350 homes built in 1971, in South Glasgow. GHA and partners will do this by demonstrating the utilisation of a large scale Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) with a Coefficient of Performance (COP) as a practical alternative to fossil fuel network (electric or gas) heating. The installation will also utilise phase change material energy storage, to balance the load profile with greater efficiency than a conventional thermal (water) store and solar photovoltaic as the energy ‘feed’ to decarbonise the district heating network.


The technical solution the project is proposing would utilise renewable electricity to support the provision of heat through a large scale ASHP + PV district heating network. ASHP in itself is a low carbon technology, however when pre-fed by renewable electricity the COP increases the net effect of the renewable energy source. 

Phase 1 of this project will aim to prove the technical feasibility of this solution as well as demonstrating how this approach can be both cost effective and financially stable providing a suitable model for off-grid district heating projects, particularly in rural and remote areas.

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