Mr Ewing to launch CARES Partnership Portal

This evening, Local Energy Scotland is pleased to be hosting a drinks reception focused on shared ownership, and the opportunities this field presents for developers and community groups across Scotland.

The evening will see Fergus Ewing, Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Tourism formally launch the CARES Partnership Portal, available from today here. The Portal has been created to help groups find partners with whom to develop renewable energy projects, for example where a community group has funds they wish to invest in a project, or a commercial developer wishes to open a project to community investment, in line with Scottish and UK Government desire to see shared ownership projects progress.


Energy Minister Fergus Ewing said:

 “The CARES Partnership Portal will play an important role in helping developers and communities work together on community energy projects, and is a significant step towards our ambition for communities across Scotland to share in the rich economic and social rewards of our country’s outstanding renewable resources.

 “Community and local ownership of renewable energy is a high priority for the Scottish Government and is an intrinsic part of our Renewables Routemap for Scotland.  There are huge benefits that local energy ownership can bring, supporting the needs of the community for decades to come, whilst creating and securing jobs, underpinning regeneration and potentially funding energy efficiency improvements for hundreds of local people.” 


Chris Morris, CARES Project Manager commented:

"We are delighted to have supported the creation of the CARES Partnership Portal, an innovative step forward in helping community groups and commercial developers progress renewable energy projects together. We have been encouraged by the level of interest from the sector in engaging on shared ownership projects, and similarly the appetite and enthusiasm from community groups across Scotland. 

"Local Energy Scotland delivers the Scottish Government's CARES support to facilitate shared ownership projects. We are here to help communities engage in such projects, through provision of grants and support to realise these opportunities"

The Partnership Portal is live from today as part of Local Energy Scotland's suite of shared ownership resources at 

For more information regarding the networking evening, please contact Local Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2288.

The CARES Partnership Portal will play an important role in helping developers and communities work together on community energy projects