Webinar: Clubbing Together – Highland insights on oil buying clubs

19th December 2018, 1pm - Watch webinar

Local Energy Scotland will be hosting a webinar with Citizens Advice Scotland on 19 December at 1pm on the benefits, barriers to, and opportunities in setting up an oil buying club. Communities looking to reduce fuel costs could set up an oil buying club, where a community coordinator aims to negotiate discounts with suppliers and place a collective order for households in their area.

The webinar is aimed at groups with an interest in community energy, voluntary bodies, existing oil clubs and local government organisations.

The promotion of heating oil clubs was identified in each of the four local energy plans developed in 2018 by communities in the Highlands and Islands as part of the Delivering Community Benefit from Civic Energy (COBEN) project that is being delivered through Local Energy Scotland. Read more about the COBEN project here.

Citizens Advice Scotland recently produced a research report, Clubbing Together, which found that supplier price quotes during the 3-month research period showed that savings of 6-20% would be possible if a 10,000 litre order were shared between 20 households.  However, clubs may require administrative support, particularly during the early stages of getting clubs off the ground.  

The webinar will last up to an hour, and will cover:

  • Top line findings and recommendations from the research, including some context on different oil buying models, including online portals, supplier clubs, and community clubs.
  • A practical focus on things to consider when setting up oil clubs including what ‘how to guides’ already exist. Consideration of how the lessons from the research could be applied to other areas.
  • A case study on experiences of running an oil club.

The webinar will be presented by Marcus Wilson, energy policy officer at Citizens Advice Scotland who led on their research, and there will be an opportunity for a Q&A.

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