Local energy projects secure share of £5 million CARES funding


14 innovative energy projects have been awarded £665,326 funding from the Scottish Government’s Community and Renewable Scheme (CARES) at the second CARES funding panel which met on 27 September.

Many of the projects funded looked to combine solar power, battery storage and electric vehicle charging. We’ve got a step-by-step guide to support projects looking to replicate this model and secure payments from the Feed-in Tariff before is closes to new applicants in March 2019.

One such project is East Coast Organics, an East Lothian farm which was awarded a CARES grant of £18,100. The farm already has a solar PV system and uses electric vans to deliver its organic produce to customers in East Lothian and Edinburgh. The CARES grant will fund battery storage to help the farm make the most of the green electricity generated by its solar system, and there are also plans to install a fast electric vehicle charger.

Gate Church International is on a mission to become the greenest church in Scotland, and already has a solar PV and solar thermal system. The Dundee church was awarded a £43,800 CARES grant to fund an energy storage system and thermal store to help the church maximise use of the green electricity and heat generated by its solar panels.

Finally, Guildtown Community Association in Perthshire was awarded an £18,221 grant to fund two energy storage batteries. The association already has a solar PV system on its community centre and the batteries will help store the electricity generated, as well as making the existing electric charging points more efficient.

CARES has helped over 200 renewable energy initiatives get up and running and since 2013 has made £35 million available to support councils, community groups, non-profit organisations and small and medium enterprises to deliver projects in their communities.

CARES is currently open for applications until 19 November, with a funding pot of £5 million available this year. Full details of funding are available here, and the Local Energy Scotland team is on hand to help applicants through the process. If you’re looking to apply, contact your local Development Officer or call 0808 808 2282.