Kirkhill District Amenities Association (KDAA) serves the area around Kirkhill, six miles west of Inverness.  The Association operates a playing field, community hall and an all-weather sports pitch near the centre of the village.  Built in 1986 the building is off-gas, and electricity is the only form of energy consumed on the premises.   

As with any facility, there is a need to secure income to cover running costs and maintenance of the hall and pitch. Also, with plans for an extension, the need for additional income to allow for the development was highlighted.  

The committee discussed how they could raise income, and the opportunity to use Feed in Tariffs (FiTs) through the installation of photovoltaic technology was recognised.  This project makes use of the south-south west facing roof to generate electricity that is used onsite with some also exported. The income from the sale of electricity and the FiTs is used to support the maintenance and development of the facilities. 

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