Operation Since March 2009
Postcode EH42 1SG
Local Authority Area East Lothian
Technology Onshore Wind
Installed Capacity 48.0000Mw

About the Developer

Name of renewable energy project
Community benefit fund
Project owner(s)
Project developer Community Windpower Ltd
Contact name Rob Fryer
Contact telephone
Contact email
Address Community Windpower Ltd 1st Floor, 2 Parklands Way Maxim Business Park, Eurocentral Motherwell

About The Community Benefit Package

Please detail any voluntary benefits to the community from the development other than recurring annual fund:
Operation of BeGreen Dunbar & District - a non-profit making community initiative to help reduce domestic fuel poverty, increase energy efficiency through installation of insulation and the implementation of renewable energy technologies for local homes (solar thermal, solar PV, biomass boilers etc.); BeGreen grants for community buildings for energy efficiency measures and renewable energy installations; Employment of an Energy Advisor/Project Administrator; Working Partnerships with two primary schools (Innerwick and Law); Educational guided tours of the wind farm; Funding for educational projects/trips; Patron of Community Groups and Organisations with funding provided to assist with their aims and activities. Family Open Days at the wind farm;

Please explain the monetary equivalent of the above benefit(s) and how the figure has been calculated:

Who are the beneficiary community / communities (those that make up the fund ‘area of benefit’):

How was the boundary of the beneficiary community/communities identified:
East Lothian Council Ward 7 is the defining boundary

Community benefit structure:

Additional arrangement:
£100,000 per annum donated to BeGreen Dunbar & District for energy efficiency measures and renewable energy technology which can be sourced and installed in local homes and community buildings, along with raising awareness of energy saving and local educational/environmental projects. Additional funding provided for other individual/community group sponsorship.

Please confirm the value of your community benefit package as an equivalent rate of payment per MW per year:
£2500.00 per MW per year
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Fund Set-Up Process

What information was provided to make it clear that contributing to community benefit discussions does not affect an individual’s right to express a view on the development:
What factors did you consider when identifying the most appropriate individuals and groups to involve in the consultation process on the community benefit package:
Did you provide a clear point of contact for the community from the outset of the process:
Do you have a written agreement with a local body in relation to the community benefit package, e.g. community council, development trust, or local authority: No
If yes, please name the body:
What communication channels did you use to provide feedback and maintain open dialogue with the community during the set-up phase? Please provide details, for example frequency of meetings, who you met with, newsletters, etc:
Did the community request support during the fund set up phase: No
If yes, were they provided with that support? Please give details of who provided that support:
Have aims or priorities been determined for the Fund: No
If yes, please state what they are:
If yes, please state how you reached agreement on these with the community:

Governance & Administration

Please give details of the process for awarding funds to eligible causes / initiatives: Funds are drawn down on a needs basis and either paid on completion of work/projects or on approval of the spend
Please outline the distribution method:
What is the frequency of award making:
How did you ensure there was an appropriate governance and administration process in place to handle the funds? Please give details of any support you provided to ensure these were in place:
Who administers the fund? (Who holds the fund and makes payments to local causes?):
Is this a third party: No
Who makes decisions on which causes receive funds? If this is a local group (e.g. Community Panel, Committee or Board) please give the name of the group, details of its make-up and how people can come on/off the group:
Who is eligible to receive funds:
If Other, please specify: System.Collections.Generic.HashSet`1[Data.Entities.EligibleFund]
Please state which of the following are made public:
If these are available online, please provide a link to the relevant website:

Monitoring & Review

What processes is in place to ensure the impact of individual awards and the fund as a whole are measured:
Do you receive an annual report on fund spend or, if you are the fund administrator, do you produce one:
How do you encourage a regular review of the fund spend, priorities, administration and governance processes:

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