Community engagement services

You can find contractors for community engagement services in our Local Energy Marketplace - on to find out which type of service you need, then filter the list to see which contractors could help you.

These cover three themes: 

Community Profiles and Action Planning

To enable communities to maximise the impact from community benefit funds or identify local energy opportunities the Supplier will undertake desk based research and community consultation activities to develop publically available community profiles and action plans.

Supporting Community Responses to Energy and Income Opportunities

The Supplier will work with, and build capacity within, communities to help them respond effectively to new energy and income opportunities. The Supplier will also work with relevant stakeholders to identify and engage with the community that will benefit from the energy/ income opportunity.

Facilitating Consensus on Community Fund Governance and Strategy

The Supplier will help communities by assisting them to build consensus on the appropriate governance structures, negotiate on formal agreements and adopt appropriate community strategies (eg for fund distribution).