Financial Framework

See the framework contractors for financial services below:

Organisation Lead Contact Email Website
Abundance* Karl Harder
Co-operative & Mutual Solutions Limited * Dave Hollings CMS
Greenbank CA John Dobson Greenbank CA
Scott-Moncreiff Kay Thomson

QMPF* Clare Lacey
Johnston Carmichael LLP Mark Stewart

 Please note that certain financial activities are regulated under The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. Provision of "advice relating to analysis of investment opportunities in commercial developments" and "securing funds" are likely to be regulated activities (see specification guidance)


The Financial Conduct Authority provides authorisation for firms to carry out regulated activities.  Exemption from authorisation can be provided through membership of certain professional bodies.

As part of this Framework, EST asked all firms to confirm their eligibility relating to "analysis of investment opportunities in commercial developments" and "securing funds".

Firms that are FCA authorised have been highlighted with an asterisk above.

All Firms listed may still provide advice relating to non-regulated activities.