Carsphairn Community Energy Storage Project

Project lead: Carshairn Community Council

Partners: Natural Power

Award Amount: £50,000

Status: Business plan complete

Area: Dumfries and Galloway 

With the expected growth of Carsphairn’s community benefits fund, the community council wished to consider potential projects which would bring long term benefits to the community as a whole.

This goal was documented through the Carsphairn Community Future Plan (March 2016) where Renewable Energy Schemes, Economic Sustainability and Community Ownership were considered priorities by the community. Further to discussions with Natural Power a community meeting was held where the idea of energy storage was introduced. Two options
were discussed:
1. Large scale centralised battery to service the community.
2. Decentralised option using new domestic scale battery technology.

A feasibility report was prepared by Natural Power following a successful application to the Innovation and Infrastructure fund by Carsphairn Community Council in August 2016.

Supported Documents / Outputs

Carsphairn Community Energy Storage Project Feasibility Report