SMILEGOV Island Energy Audits


Project lead: Scottish Islands Federation (SIF)

Partners: Community Energy Scotland (CES)

Award Amount: £24,391.91

Status: Completed November 2015

Area: Argyll and Bute


Through this CARES project, the Scottish Islands Federation (SIF) has collaborated with Community Energy Scotland (CES) to devise and trial methodology to enable eight island communities to research and better understand their own overall energy use, by undertaking Island Energy Audits.

This initiative was inspired by SIF's joint involvement with CES in 'SMILEGOV', a 30-month-project to monitor, support and report on island energy developments and plans throughout Mediterranean, Baltic and Atlantic regions of Europe. Community-led island energy audits have been completed for Arran, Bute, Gigha, Iona, Lismore, Luing, Mull and The Small Isles, as islands which opted to participate in the wider SMILEGOV project. Two other island communities, Cumbrae and Skye, aspired but lacked local capacity to undertake audits.

CES led an initial training session for interested islanders in Oban in May 2014 to brief auditors and also provided mentoring guidance and technical advice throughout. Data templates were completed for each participating island presenting details of overall energy consumption.

Each audit report is expected to be revisited, revised and updated over time to inform development of strategic energy action plans focussed on each island, to support and empower more island communities as key stakeholders engaged in shaping more sustainable energy futures for themselves.

Copies of each audit report will be available to the island organisations which commissioned them, and to their respective Local Authorities. SIF will post all reports online for the benefit of others interested.

Aims of the Project

  • To build the capacity of island communities to better understand and constructively address energy issues and concerns
  • To gather and present data to inform and support development of Sustainable Energy Action Plans and energy projects for participating islands
  • To develop a transferrable methodology for conducting energy audits on islands.


Output Report

CARES Island Energy Report FINAL


Individual output reports