Local Energy Scotland are here to help you install renewable technology and we've created simple how-to-guides to help you identify a project model and funding route.

Guides on this page: 

  • Community buildings
  • FiT extension for communities
  • Estate buildings
  • Farm scale solar 
  • EV, PV, storage
  • ASHP for multiple buildings


Community Buildings 

Through CARES, we can provide support and funding to help eligible applicants install renewables in community buildings, to take advantage of the Feed in Tariff (FiT) and Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

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Opportunity for communities to extend Feed in Tariff eligibility

The Feed in Tariff closes on 31st March 2019, but community organisations can get a 12-month extension to this through a simple pre-registration process with Ofgem. This is a great opportunity for small scale solar PV on buildings and we can help with advice and funding to help you secure the last of the Feed in Tariff.

Community groups can pre-register any non-domestic building before the end of March 2019 (even one not owned by the group), as long as you will own the generation equipment. Pre-registration is a simple process – you just need to complete a short application and provide the building’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) along with the estimated installation size. Once this is done, you have 12 months to commission your project and still receive the January 2019 Feed in Tariff rates for the next 20 years.

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Estate Buildings 

We have identified an opportunity to accelerate the installation of solar PV on estate buildings, to help CARES eligible organisations take advantage of the Feed in Tariff (FIT).

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Farm Scale Solar 

Our group procurement scheme makes it easier for farmers to benefit from solar power, allowing farms to make savings by joining up to make a bulk purchase of panels and installation services.

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Guide to solar PV, energy storage and EV charging

We've put together a step by step guide for organisations looking to replicate a project combining solar power with energy storage and electric vehicle charging, which you can read here. This is based on a project that we supported Comrie Croft to take forward. You can read the case study here

If you would like to take forward a project like this speak to your local Development Officer. They can help you through the process. You may also be eligible for funding through our Innovation Grant.  


Guide to installing Air Source Heat Pumps in Housing Association properties

This guide can help housing associations looking to install air source heat pumps (ASHP) in multiple domestic properties. It is made up of six documents which together make up a step-by step toolkit. Read the guide here.