CARES support for the investigation of Solar PV on estate buildings

Local Energy Scotland have identified an opportunity to accelerate the installation of renewable energy technologies for CARES eligible organisations currently looking to take advantage of the Feed in Tariff (FIT).

Read our guidance note here.

Download the application form here.

Applications will be considered in order of receipt.

About the opportunity

We currently see a significant opportunity to install solar PV on estate buildings ahead of the closure of the FIT to new applicants in March 2019. If you looked at this before and ruled it out, you may want to investigate this again. We have found that prices have dropped substantially, particularly if you can install on multiple buildings. 

There is limited time remaining to make the most of this opportunity for building scale installations and have a direct, positive impact on financial viability and long-term energy costs. Based on feedback from our Farm Solar project we estimate that installations at this scale would each take between one and two weeks. We therefore anticipate it would still be possible to achieve FIT accreditation if a series of straightforward installations started as late as February 2019. However, preparatory work needs to start soon and we expect installers will be booked up in advance of this, so we encourage early engagement to progress.

Funding available

CARES will provide enablement grant funding (50% match funding required) to allow organisations such as local authorities, regional and national organisations and universities to take forward activities such as options appraisals, scheme design and procurement.

The total CARES budget for this scheme is limited to £150,000, from which we expect to support around 30 projects. 

If you would like any further information get in touch with Local Energy Scotland at 0808 808 2288 or