Available CARES Support

Combining local knowledge with commercial expertise can help projects to progress more smoothly, and gives local people an opportunity to engage meaningfully with the projects on their doorstep. 

We have a number of resources on our website which may be of use to those looking to progress a Shared Ownership project:

  1. The Partnership Portal - this is an online tool where you can post and browse investment opportunities in community renewable energy projects.
  2. An informational leaflet for developers and communities.
  3. A start-up grant of up to £20,000 is available for community groups looking to share ownership of a large scale project. This can cover early pre-feasibility costs.
  4. Framework contractors to allow community groups to select legal, financial and project management services quickly and with confidence.
  5. The pre-planning loan can be used for pre-capital costs in a joint venture
  6. The Local Energy Scotland development officer network provides free-at-point-of-use bespoke support to community groups.
  7. The CARES toolkit has a Shared Ownership module with background information.
  8. A detailed interactive finance model in the CARES toolkit will provide community groups with confidence and a better understanding of the project's viability.
  9. Case studies are available to show what has already been achieved.


The Energy Investment Fund can also help support shared ownership projects, contact us to find out more.